Hello, my name is James and I am 12.  Thanks for visiting my blog! If you wanna know me better… well there’s some info for you:

  • My favorite food is Lasagna
  • I play the Musical instrument called  ‘keyboard’
  • I really want learn how to program, I’m practicing now
  • I like to hang out with my friends
  • I  love to learn
  • I’m also into running

Everyone knows me, I have lots of friends and a great Teacher! My life is great, thanks for reading!



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  1. This is a terrific profile James.
    You have included a lot of detail and many interesting facts. I love lasagna also.
    Keep up the great blogging.
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

  2. Hello James!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂
    I have to say that we don’t have that much in common but we both love to learn! And we both love to play Plants Vs. Zombies! What’s your favorite subject in school? Do you not like any subjects? My favorite subject is reading. I like every subject except math. Where do you go to school?
    I hope to hear back from you!

  3. Hi Jenifer,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I like most subjects at school accept for Literacy. My favorite subject is Inquiry !
    From James

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    In Inquiry, you have a research topic. You need to find as much as you can about your topic and then you present it to the class. It may not sound fun, but once you get going, it is fun.
    My favorite video game is ROBLOX.
    From James

  5. Hi James,
    Inquiry class sounds fun. We did the exact same thing but in library. It was called an anchor project. My project was about Hunter Hayes, my favorite singer.
    How do you play ROBLOX? Have you ever played Five Nights At Freddy’s?
    From Jennifer

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes I have played Five nights at Freddy’s and it’s quite scary. ROBLOX is like a website that you make games but, I don’t make games I just play other peoples games. It’s really fun!
    Interesting, I never knew about anchor projects!
    From James

  7. Hello James,
    Did you know that they are making a Five Nights At Freddy’s 4? It’s going to be so stupid and far-fetched but I’m still going to play it!
    I use a website similar to ROBLOX, it’s called Game Gonzo.
    Do you like to read?

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    I hve five nights at freddy’s 4 and yeah, it is pretty far-fetched as you said. It’s still good though.
    I’d like to see your blog some time, can you please send me a link?
    From James

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