Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

The Sanctuary use to be a shooting range. It’s also home to many different Flora and fauna that’s extinct in other marine Sanctuaries. No people were aloud near a shooting range so the nature was kept in really good condition. 

It had lots of Flora and Fauna in the Sanctuary because it was a very well kept place. The water is very blue and the sand is very orange. Compared to the Parks we see everyday it was very very Clean. I was very happy to see some living animals roaming around (Birds and Bugs) because that really ensures that the place is a great natural habitat for Fauna.


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on “Jawbone Marine Sanctuary
One Comment on “Jawbone Marine Sanctuary
  1. This is a good introduction to your reflection on our excursion.
    I hope that you can add more detail and information to inform your audience about the flora and fauna at this Sanctuary.
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

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