Conservation of animals

Conservation of Animals


Animals being extinct is a big thing these days, most caused by humans. Humans shouldn’t be happy about this because eventually humans will be experiencing the same thing, if it happens to all the animals species.


Bees are experiencing extinction, and if they don’t pollinate our plants, then who will?  Animals going extinct affect other animals and even us!

If Cows go extinct (For example), it would affect us, because we’ll have no milk and beef!


Foxes today, are experiencing extinction. Not enough is being done because people don’t even like foxes! They may be annoying but what would we do if we were endangered?


Some animals are the opposite of endangered, but that’s not a good thing. Cane toads are all over the place and they are really causing trouble. This is usually caused by humans bringing new species overseas.


We may not feel like we’ve done anything but every human has contributed to these disasters. If people cut down forests, then we’ve contributed by buying products that are made of lots of wood. So thats mean we also all need to contribute helping and fixing our problems.


If we all help, some animals will still sadly become extinct but at least we can help 50% of the animals from extinction! We can make the change


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