The Taiga Biome

The Taiga biome is a very cold biome, but it is very common for fires to get rid of the sick trees. It’s also a biome that gets lots of snow in the winter and lots of rainfall in the summer. The Taiga Biome is stretched out across Europe and Asia. The Taiga Biome has long winters and short summers. There is not much vegetation in the Taiga Biome because the only type of tree does not drop leaves. This means the soil then gets no nutrients for other things to grow. 95% of the Taiga biome is snow and Conifer trees. 

Other plants can only grow in the summer, which only lasts about 3 months. Temperatures in the winter can go all the way down to -60 degrees! Most animals cannot live in the Taiga Biome because of the cold conditions. 

Taiga Biomes are endangered because of humans chopping down all the trees. Once the trees are chopped, it takes years and years to restore itself because of the short growing time.


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