My Holiday Adventures!

It has been quite a long period of time, yet it felt like 1 long day. This holidays had many twists and turns in only 2 weeks. The holidays started off very rainy and cold, then got very windy and warm. The last 3 days were scotching hot, so the weather was quite on and off, because through out those periods of times, the weather was cold, just as it was at the start of the holidays.

But what did I do during those weather changes? Well, I went to friends houses, went to see many cousin (Like all holidays), Saw many movies (At the Cinemas and at home) and Went to the Museum (I did do other things too).

I didn’t go to any family trips this holidays unfortunately, so that made the holidays very boring. I was so bored at one point, that I was talking to my friend on ‘imessage’ for 30 minutes straight. My favorite time of the day (Some days), was dinner. Dinner is not always so exciting, but I did have some delicious things my dad made. Some of those things were, Butter Chicken, chicken, Burritos, Roast (Beef), Vegetables (Just Joking) and Chinese food.

My Mum’s birthday was also on the holidays and I set her up a surprise party. That night was very fun because even my Nan and Pa came over to PARTY! (If dinner and talking counts as having a party). My brother (Aaron) and I, also bought her presents! I gave my Mum a Velvet Smooth (Which is like an expensive role that moisturizes your heels(Because she has extreme dry heels))

Well, I know it’s not much, but that’s about it!


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