Humans have the Power!

Once upon a time their was a creator, also known as God. He made the world and nature. The day he made humans was the best thing that God had ever done. Their was room for everyone, plants, animals, humans, and the rest of nature. This was the time that God was very happy. Until Humans decided to eat Meat. Meat made them smart and evolved humans in a way to what we are now.

“Humans are smart but in a way, dumb”. A quote used many times now. 

Humans became walking sins, and didn’t do a thing. They made factorys, Coal Power Plants, Cars used on Gasoline and cut down nature. Nature was falling apart because of humans. Then some humans realized, What have we done? We made viruses, animals and plants extinct, global warming and more. Nature wasn’t just falling apart, humans their self were. Humans turned on humans and this caused, Poverty, Women equality, Child Mortality and More. 

Today, we have stood up to the world. Poverty has halved in the past years! Humans are fixing what we have started. Humans ruined everything, but now animals are starting to look up to humans. Humans have become greedy, and we’re fixing all our problems, but unfortunately, there’s always going to be sinful people.

That’ts why we need to educate the new generation, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

If you’re reading this, “Little things makes Big things Grow”, we can be the change!


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