Learning about Poetry!!

Recently, we have been learning about all the wonderful ways of the different types of Poetry. Us students were the teachers, and we taught everyone our Poetry. My Poetry was a concrete poem and I thought I did a good job of teaching everyone. On top of learning poetry, I thought it was really interesting and even FUN!!!

We had to research the History of Poetry and some Poetry went back into the 1900’s!!! Some even less than that. I think Poetry is a very good way to present information in a fun and humorous way. My favorite Poetry to learn about was probably the Clerihew Poetry.

My favorite Poem I did was probably the list poem I did. Here it is:


Boiling hot chips in,

Oils and dips,

Beef Jerkies

and delicious Turkeys,

Sandwiches for lunch,

and Tender Chicken for Brunch.


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