Under Aged kids in the War

Alec Campbell

Alec was born in Tasmania, February 1899. He lied about his age and then joined AIF. He arrived at Gallipoli October 1915, and he also then was sick with influenza but he recovered. After that he became sick again several times but still survived. He then got sent back to Australia 1916. He was buried in Hobart and he was also the last Gallipoli Veteran Soldier to die.

Jim Martin

Jim was one the youngest Australian Soldiers, because he was only 14 but he said he was 18. He was sent to Gallipoli when his boat was sunken. He got rescued and taken over to the shores of Gallipoli. He then became really really sick and was taken onto a hostpital ship. He sadly died at sea and he was then buried at sea. He lived to 103 in Tasmania but then died 2002


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