2011 Time capsules {Now being opened!}

Before the time capsules were opened….

I had to guess what I put in and I thought that I had put in a bunch of drawings. I also thought that maybe i would of put in some sort of photo.

I was really excited because I was about to finally find out what I really put in.

After the time capsules were opened…

I was right, not with the photos, but I put in lots and lots of drawings. I remembered that I really liked drawing and that I wasn’t the best at it.

Oh well, It was good to know what was hiding under that hall.


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on “2011 Time capsules {Now being opened!}
One Comment on “2011 Time capsules {Now being opened!}
  1. It was very exciting opening our time capsule from 4 years ago. It is a good way to remember our skills and interests from 2011 and to think about how they have grown and developed till today.
    What would you put in now if you were filling a new time capsule to be opened in 10 years time?
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

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