Immigration Museum

Today all the Seniors (Grade 5/6) from my school went to the immigration Museum in Melbourne and we learnt many things from 2 exhibitions and 1 tour. 

The first exhibition (The identity exhibition) was about different cultures in Australia. The exhibition even had things about racism and bullying to different cultures. Some of the things we saw were:

  • A video about someone bullying a dark person and we got to see 4 different points of views from the people who were at the scene

  • Different passports of different cultures

  • Information on different skin colours and different accents

  • Festivals and also people talking about their immigration story

The other exhibitions were about passports and the history of immigration laws and things. Another exhibition was when we went down to the Yarra river and we compared the buildings to 100 years ago in that exact same spot.

The wishing tree had many wishes, some had people who wishing for freedom which was very interesting. There were also some silly tags on the wishing tree, but never mind about them.



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