Marvelous Maps!


North, South, East, West..

This week in maths we’ve been having revision on mapping and directions! We also did many fun things for example we, drew a maze and a map! We had to direct our partner to the treasure on skull island! We also had to give clues on how to complete our  mazes (We also drew mazes..).

We learnt about Geographical maps and Political maps. Geographical maps show the land forms and rivers. A political map shows the countries and borders colour coded.
We revised on coordinates and Cartesian.

We drew a map from Melbourne to Ballarat and the different ways to get to Ballarat from Melbourne. We drew the kilometers, the road names and the cities on the way.

A question for you:
How many kilometers is it from Melbourne (Australia) to Atlanta (America)?
Check on this link to find out =


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on “Marvelous Maps!
One Comment on “Marvelous Maps!
  1. This is a very detailed reflection of your learning this week James. It is great that you have shared the exciting tasks that were used to help you know how to use and understand maps.
    Thanks for posting about our marvelous maths!

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