Term 3 Holiday! and my cousin…

My holiday was a lot to do with my cousin, and i did lots of things with him. Some of the things we did were..

Bowling: When we got to bowling, I said that we didn’t need the gutter barriers up, but it turns put that my cousin needed it (He missed a lot). I always came second and my cousin came last both games. My dad was very hard to beat and when he was on 120, we were on like 90. Of coarse we had a lot of fun, and after that we went to the bowling arcade. We got 120 tickets and we spent it on lollies.

Movies: I saw a few movies on the holidays, is saw; terminator 5, inside out and Jurassic World. Terminator 5 was pretty good, but it wasn’t as good as the other terminators! Inside out was very good, because it was about Riley’s brain (The girl). I thought it was cool how the memories were always made and how some got forgotten. Now, Jurassic World was a REALLY good movie. It had a great story line, and it also had the ruins of Jurassic Park! It also had lots of destruction and dangerous dinosaurs!

Park(s): My cousin and I, went to a couple of parks, the first one we went to was boring because it was way to busy! The second park we went to was really fun, because it had lots of obstacles and it was not busy at all! We played tag, hide + seek and also, we went on the swings. 

I also did many more things but that’s the main stuff I did on the holidays.


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