Term 2 Reflection

This term was my last term 2 in primary school, it makes me sad but I’m also kind of glad.


Term 2 has been great, since I got chosen for many things. One of the things I got chosen for was ‘The blogging excursion’ and I also got chosen for the Arduino quest. The Arduino quest is when I get to take many Arduino parts form school for the holidays and perhaps put them together. We also had Cross country and I’m not so good at cross country, but I still had lots of fun!

In the classroom, my teacher is Mrs Gridley and I’m very happy with that because she is one of my favorite teachers. She has taught us very fun things for maths (Like usual) and some of those things were, Negative numbers, Area and Perimeter, Volume and capacity,  Angles, Mapping and directions. There’s a video below for you to watch too!


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on “Term 2 Reflection
One Comment on “Term 2 Reflection
  1. This is a great reflection of your learning this term James. You have included a lot of detail and recalled some of the special tasks that we were involved in. Thanks for your hard work this term and your positive feedback.
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

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