The donut land of Donutia

The Donut Land and Donutia

Once upon a time, there was an annoying donut named ‘Donutia’ who lived in Donut land with everything made of donuts and icing. Donutia is a fat donut with purple icing and rainbow sprinkles. He is fast, mean, crazy, annoying and fat. When people see donutia they run away because of his horrible and annoying Dough.


One day, Donutia has eaten some donut men and donutia felt great! Donutia wanted more, so he went to the king’s castle and ate the red carpet. Then he went crazy, so he ran around with a sugar rush and ate all of the walls and the castle collapsed on top of donutia. Donutia was happy anyway because he just ate his way out of the aftermath.


At the end of the tiring and fun day, donutia went home. His parents were missing and he found a red crumb trail leading out of the house. Donutia was shocked and his dough became as white as a ghost inside out! Donutia followed the trail and then he found a great big doughy spear. It was owned by the donut King. Donutia was too tired to move on and he fainted.


Donutia woke up the next day behind bars inside the castle’s new dungeons. Donutia heard the terrifying voice of the king yelling to his minions. Donutia needed to find his family but that was easy because all he had to do was eat his way through the castle. Donutia found his way to his family but they screamed in shock. The king was behind Donutia and he whacked him the back with the doughy spear.


This time when Donutia woke up, he woke up far away from the castle. It was 8 hours from midnight and at midnight, Donutia’s family will be executed. Donutia should have never broken the king’s old castle. Donutia was running as fast as his fat body could run and he knew he would never make it without a ride. Donutia saw the glittering river beside him and he used himself as a boat in the massive current.


In no time Donutia was breaking through the king’s castle. Dountia was soon after that face to face with the king. The king used the donut speer and Donutia used his teeth. Dountia used his sharp teeth and ate the king. Donutia knew that eating the king would work because at the end of the day, he’s a donut!


Donutia went and saved his family and Donutia was glad. The only problem was that, don’t kings have queens as well? Donutia didn’t care and for many years, the donut lived happily ever after.


Until the Queen arrived from her holiday….


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