Fractions used in everyday life

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Pizza, pies, cakes or others: 

I have 6 pizzas to share with 48 friends. What fraction will each child get?

Chopping wood:

I have 5 equal planks of wood. I need to some how chop 35 pieces out of those planks in total. Whats the fraction on each plank of wood once it’s cut?

Drinks and Recipes:

To make my milkshake, there are 6 things to put in. Strawberries, Milk, Ice cream, Sirup, rawpsberries and mini nuts. The milkshake needs to be 6/12 of milk, 1/6 of Strawberries, 1/3 of Ice cream and sirup, 2/6 of raspberries and 2/12 of mini nuts. Whats my fraction in total? Clue: Add the numbers together when possible.

Working out how many boys and girls:

In Prep at a school, there are 40 kids. 25 are boys and 15 are girls. Whats the fraction of boys?



on “Fractions used in everyday life
2 Comments on “Fractions used in everyday life
  1. This is fantastic James.
    It is so cool that you have described different ways that are fractions are used in everyday life. The best part is the problem solving. I will give you my solutions at school!
    Thanks for posting these terrific Maths Puzzles.
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

  2. Thank you Mrs Gridley,
    I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my mini word problems and fractions in everyday life!
    Thank you
    From James 🙂

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