Sharing, fair use of copying on the internet (For you and me to both learn together)

Say if you drew a picture on paint and I allowed my friend to use a copy…

My friend called modify it and sell it with a modified version of my perfect piece of work but, what if you don’t want that? They could be selling your idea’s and getting money from your idea’s!

You see thats when the laws come jump in and bite you. (Copy right jamesy’s imagination. All rights reserved). What does that mean? well it means people around the world on the internet cannot copy your idea’s! Plus the best thing about it is that, they are not allowed to by law unless, its under your permission.

What can global people on the internet possibly do to my idea’s?

  • Sell your idea’s with out asking
  • Spreads around the world and your creations go down the drain
  • Making changes and modifies to your work with no permission (Making something really cool with you official work)

All this could be a way you may like or dislike. People may use this creation in a way you wanted to happen.

The main thing is, its all up to you of how you want to share it. Not up to me, or anyone in this world.

Oh and this is an example of fair rights: 

Made by: Jas.A

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