Digital footprints

What is a digital footprint?

Lets say its a pathway. Where ever you step you leave a mark of proof. But its an internet footprint. It shows everything you signed up for, and made progress too.

What causes them? 

What ever you signed up for, created (Like a website).

What you should do if you don’t want a bad digital footprint? (TIPS)

Don’t sign up for anything, that you need to lie about your age for access, Look below for some effects.

Why should you avoid bad digital footprints? (Affects)

If you want a job one day, They look at your digital footprint and think, you’re a lier, even if you were young and didn’t understand. (No one really cares about your story of why you signed up for it). Thats how trust worthy the public can be. 

Is my digital footprint good? (Results)

I couldn’t find anything about me, but I’m not such an expert myself, but I know all about digital footprints. I’m sure you might have good luck finding yourself!

How to find out about you digital footprint?

Type you first and last name, like (“1ST NAME, LAST NAME”). Type Apostrophes at the start and the end of your full name in google. If it helps try MIDDLE name to, of coarse in  between the first and last name 


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  1. I am so impressed by your knowledge and the detail that you include in each post. You are a great role model for blogging.
    Thanks for writing a thoughtful and engaging post about Digital Footprints.
    Mrs Gridley

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