My hobbies

Why, Hello there! I am going to tell you some of my hobbies! I like the indoors and outdoors so much! I love fresh air and I love all the stuff you can do inside! My trampoline is one of my favourite things to do outside!

So my main hobbies are:

  • Jumping on Trampoline
  • Getting fresh air
  • Playing games on weekend
  • Helping my family do stuff
  • Sing, and play music
  • Drawing

And my all time favourite…….


Do you like any of these hobbies I like?

Comment me some of your hobbies!

Bye, for now!


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6 Comments on “My hobbies
  1. Wow James
    You have certainly been busy ! Thanks for your enthusiasm . I look forward to seeing how you work through the challenges of the Student blogging challenge. I have a feeling you will do very well!

    Mrs C

  2. Hello James.

    Great to see you with a VERY strong start to your blog. I have known you since prep and never knew you liked singing.

    Since there new people to blogging such as yourself I have done a blog post and in near future page showing you the basics about blogging. If you need any help just comment on the post/page and I will add to the post/page.

    You will find it here at:

    Great start James.


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